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Re: New editing options on the video watch-page

jinitronATHEIST Sep 5, 2010 4:02 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Well, fully indexed (adding space to the left) nesting is good for 0 quoting, and it does allow replies to be closest to what they are replying to. (vertically)

But its major flaw is always that indexing after every new layer of replies moves the replies further and further to the right, with giant gaps on the left for giant conversations.

But Youtube has never had INFINTE indexed replies. It used to be two levels of indexing, then a giant mess of replies.

Now its the giant mess of replies with no indexing whatsoever.

Comments on YT have never been well ordered IMO. Replies have always been a big mess, but now they are a bigger mess in some ways.

I like the @USER thing, but  I wish it was enforced and users could not remove it. That actually does give some structure to the comments. Not full structure, but, some.

The simplest thing YT could do is not do quoting, or nesting, or indexing. And just do chronological order, within the thread.

Some Second guy replies to video
someone replies to second guy
another person replies to second guy.

Some First Guy replies to video.
reply to first guy
another reply
another reply after

I personally prefer lots of quoting. That way people see exactly what this new guy's reply is talking about and to whom.

Infinite Indexed nesting is good, but needs horizontal room. We've only had 2 level indexing, afterwards is was just messy nesting.

What we have now is nesting, but 0 indexing.

We gotta pick our poison. All solutions are flawed so far.