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Re: New Channels Design Open Thread

TytarJunior Mar 30, 2012 4:31 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Ok. First question. Are you a robot? I swear to god if you give me another, "I'm here to answer your questions" or, "we're taking your thoughts into consideration", I'm going to assume your a robot. So first off. Are you a robot?

Second, Why are you not tackling any of our specific requests? I know you guys serve the purpose of purely being a puppet for Google and honestly don't have the true power to make any changes, but why can't you at least answer it for us? For instance, YouTube's format is downright atrocious. We don't mind updates as long as they're an update, not a pretty looking downgrade.

Thirdly, why does Google care more about a sleek new look across the board rather than usability and how user friendly the site is?

If you fail to answer at least one of these, I'm done suggesting constructive feedback and you are simply a bot programmed to give automated responses.

Sadly, Google WON'T do as we please. I feel almost like this is a place just purely for ranting. I haven't seen them implement a single GOOD thing yet.

So please. Answer one of the three questions.