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Re: New Channels Design Open Thread

Lama72 Mar 31, 2012 10:29 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
This is just MAD!
I'm watching this comments and see the same frustration!
The completely ignoration from Google Head Quart!
After many requests from members to youtube crew!
And i still see ... NOTHING!
Strategy of Google is let the voice of people die in nothingness & silence !?  
If i see right, you guys are very good on the way!
This is very sad for HUMANITY! Google suppose to be a role model!? (don't be Evil)
This is the mirror of us ? Human Beings ? Be greedy! Don't see ! Don't Feel ! Just KILL all for MONEY ?
thats out !:) by the way ,,, Rebbecca is an BOT! @#$##@%^&*