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Re: New Channels Design Open Thread

jinitronATHEIST Mar 21, 2012 7:02 PM
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Right, this is about channels.

First,here is my current channel:

And here is a pic of my old channel.

I do not like my new channel, at all.

The 2009-2011 design was designed by Brian Glick, with 2.0 Beta Channel Discussions about that channel here.

Youtube actually seemed to listen to feedback, and you can even see many ideas presented there in those discussions made it into the final 2.0 design. I know I saw several of my ideas or bug fixes here work itself out on the channels within weeks.

The 2012 design (Cosmic Panda, started public Beta in June or July somewhere, Youtube Testtubes) by Marc Hemeon :

"The mantra of the the team is: "Focus on the user and all else will follow."

"Marc Hemeon: I think of user experience as the emotional response someone has when using your product. A successful user experience tends to reward the user with moments of delight, pleasant surprise and satisfaction. A dreadful user experience makes the user feel abandoned, lonely, unsatisfied and just plain dumb. Great products make the user feel in control. User experience designers are manipulators of emotion. Use your powers for good."

(bolded by me) What happened, Youtube? What happened?

I actually did the Cosmic Panda testtube thing. But I didn't say anything about it, because I thought it was just kind of a designer's joke. Like, haha, funny funny, this is some designer's idea of a maybe wishful design, that could not possibly come true. Just a lark. Just a brain storm. Just a collection of minor ideas, all in 1 spot. Never did I take that Test tube seriously......

Okay, now that we have that established, let's get into more detail.

First complaint can be summed up as, Customizability.

Second summed complaint, is Easy Access. The all in 1 look effect (or 1 scroll). (I can scroll a channel and tell what it is about, and what's new.

First thing is, the templates. (customize)

They are barely different.

There is almost no reason not to pick BLOGGER template.

It has everything in it.
(NETWORK has the 16 "boxed" other channels in the MAIN column, but all the other channels have a 10 list of other channels. And the 16 network GIANT UGLY THUMBNAILS that should NEVER BE SCALED THAT BIG and is an assymmetrical 3x3x3x3x3x1 list. So, really, BLOGGER is the only choice)

So, Templates are jokes. There is only 1 choice.

Additionally, you don't even have Templates on by default. They are off, and, they are not chosen by default unless you set a checkmark.

You essentially don't want us to use Featured tab. And even if we do, you are trying to make people not end up there.

And Where is the channel Transparency? There are many ways to BEAT the problem of BAD IMAGES in the background that are hard to read things over.  Such as automatic page highlighting. (imagine CONTROL+A by default, like a strip of single color non transparent background behind just all text elements) Or, outlining text with a contrast color. (look at any picture with captions)

Why can't  I have more channel description showing, IF I WANT IT? Its currently at 250 showing, 750 hidden. (1000 total, needs more!)

In essence, there is bare minimalist, 1% customizability.

Then there is the lack of easy access.

There is no easy access to all the newest updates for the channel. IMO, the feed could be better.

And you seem to have intentionally tried to hide away Comments from channel visitors. NOT EVEN having a page number. :( That's the kind of oversight that's blatant and suggestive, it seems to me.

Since you seem to not want to give us the choice of the MUCH SUPERIOR 2.0 channels. Here are some minor suggestions, for now.

1) Tabs. Okay, all these tabs need DATES and NUMBERS. Here are the tabs  I want.

Turn this on for ALL channels, now.
Default the view to Blogger, with sets of things that MATCH the2. design. For example, I featured Favorites on my channel, so, the Featured should have automatically taken that into account and set it up for me.

This needs a date of last activity under it.
27 minutes ago
99 minutes ago
3 hours ago.
1.5 days ago.
6.5 days ago.
8 days ago.
12 days ago.

Like that.

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This tab is for comments! Stop hiding them.
This might also be the tab for things that were lost! Like video voting, and Google  Moderator Modules.

You get the idea.

Tabs, with info. So, it's 1 look and I see what's new.

Another  complaint, is plainly, so much wasted space!

More suggestions and comments later. Don't have the time right now.