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Re: New Channels Design Open Thread

You1984Tube Mar 26, 2012 3:35 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
I don't know how many thousands of us have to say EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS before you stop asking us for feedback and start doing something about it! What do you want from us? Each and every one of us told you what we think about the new design. I'll sum it up again:

1.Customization (no visible bg, dull gray colors, templated that took exactly the same make most us do everything to avid looking on there disgusting channels: both ours & other users)
2.Watching videos on the channels
3.Access to favourites like to uploaded videos, watchable on page, not as playlist
4.Comments on feature tab, ALL COMMENTS - also the older ones, that magically vanished when Cosmic Panda arrived
5.Subscription/subscribers box
6.Adding friends/friends box
7. More characters limit to describe myself

Sounds familiar? Well, it should. That's exatly what we've been unanimously asking for since December last year, yet you've been constantly ignoring us, while still asking for feedback.
Please give us ONE REASON to give feedback, if there are absolutely no results of it? I want to know WHEN are you planning to TAKE OUR FEEDBACK INTO CONSIDERATION?
If you are not going to do it at all, just tell us. Just be finally honest.