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Re: New Channels Design Open Thread

Delphinus Apr 10, 2012 9:49 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum

 You would think YouTube would actually care about what it's members say. We are not "leftist entitlists" like someone mentioned somewhere in this thread.
 The fact is this. YouTube members and partners are how Google and YouTube generate revenue. I am not talking about the content we upload. I am talking about surfing the site itself as viewers. We are the reason Google and YouTube make money. It's that simple. If it were not for people surfing the site, big companies wouldn't invest their money into it and bid on ads and ad placement.

 So why don't us partners and regular members have even a bit of a say?

 After all, YouTube belongs to us. It really does. It wouldn't survive without us. We are the actual bosses and breadwinners of and for the site, and I am sure in most cases, YouTube/Google staffers have their jobs and earn a living because of us. Their salaries and bonuses are quite literally from us, the viewers, whom are the heart, and soul(for now, until we give up) of the site.

 I used to come to this support area several times a day.  I have literally stopped that and come MAYBE once a week. The design is awful and hard to navigate. It's like these 16 year old amateurs got together thinking they were these hip designers just because they work for Google, and that title was simply enough. That means nothing. Coders and programmers these days have no imagination or vision. It's about being flexible, not stubbornly adhering to your "improvements" just because they are new.  The true spirit of a designer doesn't exist anywhere in this mess.

 I rarely watch videos on YouTube anymore, and I never visit channels or socialize.

 I am a YouTube partner, and I don't even feel like making videos anymore.

 I really think this thread is going nowehere, so I will end this post now and stop wasting my time trying to explain to Google that we as members used to love your site, it's was a juicy t-bone on a plate with home fries and gravy, now it's just a chicken weiner.