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Re: Please stop the reply girls

fluxcreations Mar 1, 2012 4:46 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Brad_T: Yes one could argue that. We do however know people have different opinions on what is worthless. Many women enjoy to talk, many men want them to shut up. So here is an conflict of interest.

Wyaat: I don't promote breaking rules, and I don't promote the idea that people should use false tags. I'm directing criticism to people who harass reply girls. Why on earth should they, I or others with similar values respect or listen to people who deal out death threats? It's absurd. Present your requests in a civilized manner to YT and if you are lucky they will listen. If not, swallow your pride for once and accept that everything does not go your way in life. YT is not your hood that you own. Here YT sets the rules and we should be glad we can use this service for free. If it does not meet your needs learn coding and make a new video site.

If everyone hates spam then maybe everyone should stop spamming people like Megan and her channels. Is the continued spam not keeping her popular and generating revenue for her and her partners?