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Re: Please stop the reply girls

fluxcreations Feb 29, 2012 6:10 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Johncase776. Very well said. Saves me some time to write my opinion here.

I find it rather humorous that for example MeganSpeak is harassed when she is actually using YT as it was intended to be used. YT is marketing itself as a video community, which basically is people speaking to each other through video replies and also commenting though text.
What some seem to not understand is that youtube is not a filmschool, nor is it Hollywood or a chance of en egoistic consumption trip of profesionally created movies that are free. Anyone has the right to upload ther work, wether it's "good" or "bad". Natually it can be easier to enjoy an movie clip that is professionally executed however not all kids or adults go through filmschool and certainly not all will get better by getting the advice to get raped or killed which MeganSpeak gets to hear. I have listed some of the comments she gets in another thread and I don't understand how they can continue. Nothing excuses such behavior.

And your best point apart from the censorship johncase7776 is that people don't have to click on the videos. Yet they continue and they even subscribe to the people they claim to be hating! Now I'm sure this does not solve their problem but raises the likelihood to be exposed to even more videos.