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Re: PETITION To get the OLD YouTube Homepage Back

Fatal Gear Jan 20, 2011 7:23 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum

Dear YouTube/Google,


Please stop ruining your website! You continue to foist unnecessary and unpleasant changes onto your userbase with no regard for their opinions, and it really needs to stop. For some time I’ve sat idly by, but a few recent changes have drawn the last straw.

For starters, I had absolutely no interest in linking my YouTube account to a Google account. There’s no benefit to me in doing so, and it reduces the amount of security on my accounts. There’s a reason I had separate accounts with different passwords for e-mailing and uploading videos: because I don’t want these things tied together. You realize that by combining these things, if someone were to hack ONE account, they’d have access to a person’s e-mail AND their YouTube channel, right? Did you not realize that having separate accounts was better for security? Did you even consider that I may not want to be logged in to both YouTube and Google? Personally, I ALWAYS want to be logged in to YouTube, and NEVER want to be logged in to Google. Now, I’m forced to be logged in to both, or logged out of both. Why the hell would you implement such an obnoxious feature? Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? Who needs to be logged in to use a search engine? There’s absolutely no need for it. I don’t want you keeping lists of my recent searches or telling me that I should watch something related to a video that I loaded accidentally because your website’s unnecessarily clustered design lagged and clicked on it without my consent. I don’t want you to recommend content; not now, not ever. I’m perfectly capable of deciding for myself what I will read, watch, or search for, and I’d rather you didn’t stand in the way of doing so effectively.

Moreover, your recent update to the YouTube homepage now forces me to deal with a large block of content I care absolutely nothing about. The reason I first made a YouTube account was because I could disable all content on the homepage. I do not, nor have I ever or will I ever, want any content on the homepage the instant I sign in. All I want is a search bar and a link to my inbox. Anything more is intrusive and offensive, and you currently provide no solution to this critical error. Not everyone wants to be barraged with stupid and pointless videos that some guy you met once at summer camp in the third grade added to his favorites. These useless changes hinder the ability to enjoy using your website, and more and more I find myself having to deliberately avoid using any new feature you implement. I have not rated a single video since your addition of the “Liked Video” section, because I do not want videos stored on a list just because I gave them a rating, and not being able to remove videos from this list is an outright disgrace. Having to individually “dislike” every video just to remove it is a completely unacceptable solution, and whoever came up with the idea for this list in the first place should be ashamed of themselves. Whoever’s running the show over there needs to be sat down and given a stern talking-to, because in the five years I’ve been using YouTube, Annotations remain the one, literally ONE, update that has not detracted from the YouTube experience. Please, stop ruining your website.

Fatal Gear