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Re: PETITION To get the OLD YouTube Homepage Back

shadowgilgamesh Jan 19, 2011 9:04 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Username: shadowgilgamesh
1. Everything is all smushed together into one incomprehensible train wreck
2. having only the option of "all" or "subscriptions only" instead of a checklist where i could turn off things like "what my friends have faved" and "recomended for me" and yet still have subscription uploads and bulletins from friends.
3. having the three most recent videos from people, i thought it was a good idea, but when someone isn't a partner and doesn't upload on a regular basis, you get videos that are several months old poping up like they're new.
please just give us back the old homepage!
i like Izoto's idea of a vote, because every video i've seen since you changed it has been filled with rage about it, so people really don't want it, at all