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Re: I know its ok to embed youtube videos to your site without permission, but is it ok to embed music videos??

Videodave2 Mar 6, 2012 6:36 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
>So the people stalking me with bad votes can go away.

Maybe people are giving you negative votes because you say things that don't make any sense. For example:
"You buy a music DVD from a shop.
You can't just go around embedding it in websites!"

That is not what the question is about. If someone  uploads music without permission, they are indeed violating the law and are subject to penalties. But, the question was is some other person violating any laws if they embed that YouTube video on there own site. And the answer is "no".  The original uploader has not only violated the law, they have also lied to YouTube and claimed permission. There is no way (under current laws) to hold another user liable for the sins of the original uploader.