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Re: [Update] Friends and Subscriptions Merge - addressing feedback

able-12 Dec 15, 2011 8:39 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum

My intent is to honor the BOYCOTT, and I will - easily, I will be visiting Vimeo and Daily Motion as they can easily tackle my need for entertainment. I am past the HATE phase of the change of THEIR TUBE, I refuse to use the NEW changes as the site is non functional and confusing. What I am most irritated and just plain bumfuggled over are the administrators of THEIR TUBE and GO"OGRE" plain refusal and dismissing the people that have asked for modifications to the changes made. NO-ONE in the creation of this debacle has even come to say the reason that the change was made. THEIR TUBE has sent the message that we (the YOU that use to be You Tube) are no longer of value, they want to switch from an amateur video site to a pay site that is powered by greed.  Since this practice chokes me and literally makes me sick, I just want to say that while they may control what we see on their site, I control whether I want to watch or not, and for me You Tube Does not exist anymore, and THEIR TUBE never did, GO”OGRE” Chrome has been un-installed from my computer, I also took it off my roommates computer and have advised friends to remove it as well, my reason given for the removal warning “you really need to remove all traces of GO”OGRE” products, such as Chrome and Earth, as these products are being distributed by a company that has control issues and just maybe they are using these seemingly innocent products to gain access to you and your personal computer data”. Already I have convinced 10 people to delete GO”OGRE” and THEIR TUBE.  I am as committed to remove all traces of GO’OGRE” as they are committed to controlling what we watch.   May not be much to them but if people do this and they watch the profits fall – maybe - they will realize that the consumer is the final word – look what happened to CRAP FLIX  (Net Flix) – they are headed down the Crapper where they belong.