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Re: [Update] Friends and Subscriptions Merge - addressing feedback

brainouty Dec 12, 2011 10:03 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Youtube should only fix what's wrong, and STOP MESSING WITH THE INTERFACE we users must use.  What's wrong?  Well, many things, but above all, a) the inability to get our playlists displayed on our channel pages in ALPHABETICAL ORDER.  Back on 12/08/2008, we had that feature. Some dingbat, removed it, so for people who post a lot of playlists, you must scroll and scroll and scroll.

Like, the fact that once upon a time, the subscribers were separated from the friends in your address book, and you could access them from WITHIN your address book.  But some dingbat decided that it's better to pain the user with NON-ALPHABETICAL searching on the channel page for a particular subscriber, which you then can only delete if you are VERY CAREFUL about clicking on the 'remove' button which is SOMETIMES over the very subscriber you want to delete.  SOMETIMES.  Do it wrong, and you delete the wrong person.

Get your priorities straight, Youtube.  We don't want a ton of white space making us scroll forever, big black ribbons interfering with the page, LOUD MOVING ADS alongside moving videos, LOUD COMMERCIALS at three times the volume of the 'free' movie, etc.  We want Youtube around for a long time, but rudeness and thoughtlessness will make someone, someday, a viable competitor.  Be a bit thoughtful of the customer.  STOP CHANGING THE INTERFACE, and tend to what's broken, stop breaking what worked.

Sorry for the rant, but it's about time to make one.