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Re: ATTN: Everyone at Google who implemented changes on YouTube

Mr Link Apr 7, 2012 3:39 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Google will not answer that question truthfully.

Instead go find a video site that works and come back and tell us so we can move our content there.

Best way to tell google that youtube sucks is to make them lose money.

Moving popular content to another site and tell the users to go there for the content will defiantly get googles attention.

Even youtubes policy is unfair. Very american-christian rules. I'm very offended by that.
A video site must be neutral with _common sense_ rules.

For obvious short example: nipples are bad, promotes sex, teen child births, videos should be kid friendly and all other crazy christian reasons, that doesn't make sense in the REAL world.
Just bullshit and hypocritical crap.
Its not very hard at all to mark kid unfriendly content with age restrictions.