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New Look Complaints (take 2)

CuriousUserX50 Apr 29, 2012 6:13 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Hello staff, here are some things you need to sort out about the new look. I will send in more soon. Thankyou.
*Being able to watch videos on the owners channel.
*Adding to Contacts.
*Being able to see the Subscriptions Subscribers and Contacts that the channel has.
*A Section that has an unlimited amount of typing.
*Sending Messages to anyone regardless if they blocked you, unless they stop you from sending messages.
*A way to contact them.
*Able to look at Spammed Comments on Channels.
*View older Channel Activity and Comments. Show number of How Many.
*Able to recover removed videos and channels, unless staff removed them.
*This is what I want you to send to staff to change bout the new look.
*See Comments/Activity and Videos at the Same Time