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Nightmare with Night of the Living Dead (a well known public domain movie)

Omacron Apr 28, 2012 8:42 AM
Posted in group: YouTube
I uploaded Night of the Living Dead on March 11, 2012

I have not been able to monetize this well known public domain video because the claims keep rolling in. The funny thing is they all didn't happen when I uploaded it. I just got another claim on it today.

Damn it Google and Youtube! When are you going to take some action to eliminate this fraud. This has been going on for a couple years now, and all we get out of you is, "were pondering it". All the while crooks are stealing public domain, user made and other works. People are being deprived of income because Youtube and Google refuse to address this growing problem. Good people are getting copyright strikes on their account, and some of them terminated accounts, because some lousy thieves are claiming property that is not their own, and Youtube and Google are siding with the thieves by continuing to use the very flawed ContentID System.

While Google and Youtube sweat and wring their hands over a $1 billion copyright law suite with Viacom, they try to look tough on copyright violations by artificially inflating their performance with bogus contentID matches and copyright strikes. I can't say if that is truly the case, but I am left to speculate because Youtube and Google don't want to talk about the failings of the contentID system.

For sanity's sake, just look at all the claims on Night of the Living Dead! How many times are people going to have to prove that this is a public domain movie? I should not have to wait for months to monetize a public domain video. If Youtube has even one monetized copy of a public domain film on file, all other copies of the same film should not be disputed.


"Timothy Regan-Beyond the Grave", sound recording administered by: rumblefish

"George Romero - Night of the Living Dead - Trailer", audiovisual content administered by: Content Lizenz Agentur

"Sek-Johnny Didn't Come", sound recording administered by: IODA

Audiovisual content administered by: eOne Your dispute awaiting response by 05/11/12

Audiovisual content administered by: Weinstein Claim released.

"The Banner-Zombie Onslaught", sound recording administered by: WMG Claim released.

"Microfilm-Death race '68", sound recording administered by: Believe Claim released.

Visual content administered by: Music Video Distributors