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Dedicated, having fun, regular uploads, but still no traffic?

James_AJ Jul 5, 2012 12:22 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Hi. I run a really small Let's play channel and I try to bring good let's play and commentaries while having fun and being myself :)
but people just leave after 2 seconds because my voice sounds different from what they are used to and as a result of Youtube algorithm 'favoring' the higher audience retention videos, I'm getting actually no views.
I haven't gained ANY subscribers or views or ANY sort of 'outside' traffic, you know, besides the people who already watch my videos regularly...
Youtube used to be a place where you grew your skills with it and you improve videos, then you get more views & subs as such.
But now youtube actually made it impossible for small channels to grow (and I'm seeing this effect even on channels with almost 100000 subscribers... just because youtube only wants people who can bring them big money, such as people with well over 1M subs)
I dont think this is fair. Is there any way I can grow despite all this?
I'm not aiming for subs or anything but it IS quite boring when NOBODY is watching your videos :P