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Re: Linked YouTube-Google Account FAQ

TLFU May 6, 2010 1:41 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
@SilentBombr- contact me via YouTube, same name there too.  Obviously...

@Lvivski- only you can know if that account was/is yours.  If you think it was created with one of your two email addresses then check those email addresses' Google accounts IF they have them as that would reveal WHAT, if any, YouTube account is linked.  Go to Google and sign in.  Then, in My Account, go to your dashboard.  This tells you your specific Google product datas.

@mac0374- Are you being TOLD what Google account you are allegedly linked to?  Because there are two options here- EITHER you accidently linked your YouTube to someone else's Google account because they were logged into their Google on the same computer you used for logging into YouTube with (NOT your fault- Google's) OR you have the Mystery Linking To Phantom Google Account Bug (link in my profile).

@oiblay- are you checking the Google account's DASHBOARD, yes?  Because that is the only link that might have worked.