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Re: URGENT! Random Subscriptions Still Being Removed

David Boyle (YT) May 9, 2012 6:56 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Hey guys,

As Chris mentioned, please see my post.  One additional comment I made is the following, which explains some of the wild fluctuation in closed accounts from day to day:

The continued discrepancies between YTA and other data sources is already explained by #1 in my post above. These unusual subscription count decreases result from our ongoing removal of closed accounts from subscriber counts. The number of closed accounts removed from subscriber counts on any given day includes both accounts closed directly by users on that day, as well as out of commission, legacy accounts that we remove from our systems on that day. We remove such accounts on an ongoing basis with significant variation from day to day. No closed accounts are factored into YouTube Analytics subscriber counts, so discrepancies between other data sources and YouTube Analytics are explained by these closed accounts. No active, open accounts are being removed from subscriptions whatsoever.

If anyone claims they were "unsubscribed" and you provide a username I am happy to look into it, but I have not seen a single example in the past week where this actually happened.  I've also checked out "thecreativeone" and see nothing at odds with what I have already said here, that all the reductions in counts are explained by closed accounts.