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Re: Parent and kid friendly YouTube

anmoose Jul 2, 2012 12:00 AM
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>>"Children under 13 years are not permitted to access YouTube". Um, yes they are.

Um, no they are not, per the statement you just quoted. If parents, who are legally and fully responsible for their children's actions allow them to violate YouTube's ToS, they bear the responsibility, not YouTube. YOU have control over the power plug on their computers. YouTube does not.

>> it's pretty easy to type YouTube DOT com and start viewing - no matter how old one is.

It's also pretty easy to type "porn" into any search engine and start watching hard core porn. Is that the fault of the search engine? Are you next going to want Google to make their search engine "kid friendly?"

>>Yes, it is up to the parents to keep tabs,

Yes, that is absolutely correct.

>>but come on - the reality of it is that not every kid has involved parents/guardians

The reality is that far too many parents these days are flatly not being responsible parents. So why should websites like YouTube have to do their babysitting for them?

>> many kids have phones with internet access,

Yes, they do. A side effect of an overly affluent and less than responsible society.

 >>not every kid follows the rules, etc, etc.

Kids haven't followed the rules since the stone ages. Give them half a chance, and they'll get away with murder. It's a fact of life. I did it, my peers did it, every kid I've ever known did it, kids are doing it right now as I type, and neither parents nor YouTube nor an act of God can prevent it from happening.

>> Would it be that big of a deal for Google/YouTube to do a little more?

Yes, it would be that big of a deal. To police and monitor databases filled with billions of existing videos? To inspect and "age rate" every single video of the 80+ hours worth that are now being uploaded to the site every minute of every day? It would be far more than "that big of a deal."

>> - to accept a little responsibility?

How about if parents accepted a little responsibility instead? As they're supposed to do, because they're parents.

>>more than a few lines in the Terms of Service that say, "If you are under 13 years of age, then please do not use the Service..... That is lawsuit prevention 101, not genuin concern.

It's a statement of policy. YouTube is not here to be your  Net Nanny, or anyone else's, and as a public website the best they can do is lay down the rules. If children choose to ignore those rules, and their parents don't approve, then their parents had best find ways to tighten the reigns.

>>Why not require full registration before gaining access to any of the videos on youtube,

It's a public website, not a "members only club." A huge amount of this stuff called "revenue" comes from millions upon millions of viewers who would never watch videos if they even had to sign in, much less have a "full registration."

>>AND require the user to be 18+ (by using a verifiable means)?

It's not an "adults only" website.....