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Feature: Likes & Dislikes numbers in comments

JamiePlanetX Apr 16, 2012 9:17 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
I'd like to see a piece of code that places and constantly updates the likes or dislike number into the comment of a video something like [LIKES#] and [DISLIKES#]

Example of a video: "Joss whedon: About firefly comics"

the bar reads:
269 likes, 6 Dislikes

User Types into comments box:
"The alliance has [DISLIKES#] Youtube Accounts."
Which turns into:
The alliance has 6 Youtube Accounts

Later when the video has more views
the bar reads:
1,010 Likes, 14 Dislikes
Ergo users comment reads:
The alliance has 14 Youtube Accounts