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Re: Monetization submission not saving according to Video Manager?

GPSol Mar 6, 2012 4:17 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
People, I think this Bug is connected some with  "System migration complete. Delayed data is processing and will be appearing shortly. Thank you for your continued patience." March, 7th, all accounts, pass automatic (format) to new design.

I have uploaded video from the phone. A transport collapse in Hamburg. Anything interesting - but it mine! There there is no music or other stuff.

Guess what? "UR", 10 hours. Then will regected 100% . And the button $ will be gone!
The problem has begun on March, 1st, 2012.

at first I  thought that it because  I have  Copyrihgt strike with  Russian TV Channel  (20 Sec part of Parody)

However I see that this problem on many other users!!!

Guys, prompt Pls , if in the YouTube account is
Copyright Strikes. but AdSense goog and cleen, no "fu"""ng"  Self Cliks or something.
Google paid seen AD Advertising in this case?
Or I shoild forget about it,  and not to spend the time?