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Re: How to start a gaming Network like Machinima or Yeousch

Ultrasnorlax Jan 27, 2012 12:16 PM
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you won't make your own partner program that easily, these companies like machinima they start from a 17 year old teenager to a group of people, who then develop a staff and then they become qualified a company and then they contact youtube through thier' email  service requesting to make thier' own versions of youtube's partner program for a fee of around 2000 dollars and create a contract having rights to use youtube for thier own purposes, they also get rights from the gaming companies as well, so another words it's really difficult, you can't just email youtube and say you want to start a patner program that's why there's only 6 current partner programs
1. Youtube
2. Machinima
3. TheGameStation
4. Fullscreen Network
5. Yeousch
6. some other partner program i can't remember 
as for networks you need to build yourself, you need come up with a company name for your' youtube channel, build up subscribers until you have a million and that's very hard to do, your' content has to be abosulutely outstanding, you'll have to refuse to work with machinima, and work with youtube instead, as well as building a channel, you need to make a very impressive site, once you've done all this you should qualify as a company but you'll need rights fromm nintendo, microsoft and sony and possibly apple.
It is galaxies away from easy
hope this helped
- John :)