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Re: Prevent false "Orchard Music" copyright claims of others for public domain material?

Ivorkornuta Jan 5, 2012 3:50 PM
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I'm not asking anyone to preform a DOS attack, in any post I left. 
 I don't suport the idea that we should be scared off my mythical tactics. If Orchard is having business communication problems as a result of Content ID Fraud, they are not about to take videos down but rather relinquish claims. If another office takes over Orchards accounts, they meet up with the same problem.

Imagine you work in the Orchards fax office. You need to collate contracts from international customers, invoices, letters and complaints. Someone has to do that collating; and that person is responsible for getting contracts in on time. If they have 3000000 complaint faxes, their contracts are late.

Imagine you work in the Orchards Mail room. You have to sort mail between clients, stock holders and complaints. Imagine their mail room staff not getting the mail sorted, because of 300000 complaint letters.

Imagine being the secretary that has to take all the angry phone calls, even if they switch to voice mail, their clients still can't get through.

NOW do you really think the Orchards reactions would be petty revenge (deleting videos), or economic survivel by dropping their fraudulent claims?
And if this all happened, would any other company wish to put themselves under the same fire?

 Yes Rewboss is right regarding a memo sent to the Orchard, if you read the original document I posted it states that is what happened (At present, YouTube is holding back monetization and payment to its content providers of revenue associated with video streaming in the United States for any recording of a song not controlled by a publisher with whom YouTube already has a deal). You hit the nail right on the head in your first reply; asking for that much exclusive power should make anyone think. The fact that I had 4 out of 5 (so far) Content ID Match disputes dropped from June to the present, should be an indication that Orchards clients ARE thinking and making the right choices.

 And wile a DOS attack would be illegal, and I would advise against it... I wouldn't call it counter-productive.