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Youtube should enhance their "like & dislike" buttons! Here are a few ideas!:)

SUPERBLUE813 May 5, 2012 1:08 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
It would be great to see an option for choosing to like or dislike a video for multiple reasons. There could also be genres of "like & dislike." Ex: Music Video/ News/ Personal Blog/ Comedy/ Etc

Such as you liked this video because:
a) it appeals to you/you can relate
b) you enjoy the music/ video
c) you learned something from the video/ gained knowledge from it

You disliked this video because:
a) the audio and video were out of sync/ or to loud and muffled
b) this video doesn't have any facts to back it up
c) i dislike this video not because the video was bad but because i agree with the statements made against "etc"

I think there are many ways we can add to the "like & dislike" if anyone has any ideas throw them out!!