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How to contact Google/Youtube

Tony Diep May 23, 2012 8:23 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Hey guys !

i was wondering if it was possible to ask google to send me a cheque on 0$ ?

i am having a show and tell presentation on school about profitable jobs.

i want to talk about youtube and google and how people make money off them.

Now, that's not the problem.

I need to "show" something since it's "show and tell"

I am buying a Youtube t shirt on ebay and was wondering if google would be able to send me cheques and maybe other additional items which is related to youtube/google.

I know that google is a company and stuff, but if you ask shops in real life if they could give you something that they do not need at all for something special, they probably would find something,right?

Please do come with suggestions to this topic.
I do not want to print out cheques from google pictures, because then, i only have a piece of paper and not a real cheque.

A cheque with no value would be great.

any ideas how to contact google to ask this question?

i called 5 minutes ago and no one was working at that time.

Thanks alot :)