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Re: Could youtube finally remove such sick, racist content?

pissedoffuser1 Jun 26, 2012 8:04 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
There are so many repeat offenders, those who are banned, then turn around and create more accounts, go to the SAME VIDEOS, and post unbelievably hateful and disgusting comments. The profile description itself is MOCKING youtube, saying it doesn't matter how many times they get removed, they will not be stopped. I'm sorry, but that is absolute garbage. Some of the comments made would result in someone being arrested if they were in the outside world. Something NEEDS to be done to protect users from people like this.

The ones who are especially good at re-creating multiple accounts for that purpose are:

The first one, all he does is go through the alphabet and add numbers to differentiate between his accounts. Same with the third one, he just puts the next number onto the end of the profile name. WHY are they allowed to do this?
There is a mob mentality between these three and another one, she also goes by This user does not comment on videos, but on her comments page, CLEARLY makes disgusting, harassing comments to those who dare to say anything about her. I'm sorry, but NO ONE should have to put up with any of these users' garbage.