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Re: Compromised Account? Report it here

butlin Jul 21, 2010 5:46 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
yes amoose, this thread has gone down the pipes when the likes of you hope peoples accounts are disabled as you stated a short while ago. These trolls ebbix, ammoose and the other clowns are on right old ego trips thinking theyre doing so much "good" yet in reality do sod all. Then we have the clever little quips from "Stephanie Damn" who has about as  much a clue as these other idiots.
If youve youtube problems write direct to  You wont get any help here asking questions or from spending and wasting loads of time filling in the nonsensical forms, nor from asking these nonsensical insulting know-nothings. One of these trolls main claims is "top contributor" He doesnt tell you for example half his "contributions" are personal attacks or unhelpful remarks to people genuinly seeking help.
.Try that email add. I got replies after giving up with these trolls here.