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Re: Compromised Account? Report it here

TLFU Jun 22, 2010 1:22 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
@@Blogic4- the form is unrelated to the "so called help group" which is a user to user forum.  It is hard for us, the users on this "so called help group" to read off-hand comments like that.  :)  While we cannot unhack an account or even fix it for you, we do have a pretty awesome track record for anything else you'd care to pitch.  Why?  Because we LIVE the problems- we have them, we engage with them and we find solutions.

Liz helps where she can- she is not technical support, she is community manager.  Which means that she merely can pass on what Google tell her they'd like us to know about and she can, within limits, pass on issues to them on our behalf. 

Ranting and raving may make you feel a little better but it will not get your problem resolved.  Google deal with hundreds and thousands of users every day and if you wish to get help it is hardly beneficial to YOU to waste your own time letting off steam when you could be filling in the form to regain access to your account.  They simply wont know what to do with a rant but MIGHT just be able to assist with a thought out request complete with all the information you can muster.  Because no one knows the situation as well as you do, no matter what their title or IT proficiency.  Nothing makes up for being behind your own computer screen, receiving the information on the issue first hand!

Good luck.

Google is flawed, I grant you.  Accept the current status quo, laugh behind your hand if you must, but learn to use your knowledge of how it works to get the result YOU need.  :)