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Re: How can we stop a competitor use our Trademark brand name in a 2 million+ video advert?

chickenfatface May 31, 2012 5:01 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
haha - 'the "public" part of the public user forum' - do we proles make you chuckle. God how sanctimonious is it possible to be. If you are being sincere about not being cliquey - try not being it. Mooseface was being dismissive, authoritarian and patronising. Clearly you fanboys are so used to jumping in to answer posts as an authority, and have done it for so long, that you mistake your desire to inflate your ego in this bizarre pseudo world you inhabit for a true desire to help. No you are not helping anyone. You are just trying to make yourself feel important by being righteous. And you were cliquey - i refer you to my earlier post and if you see me at a pub, I suggest you steer clear of me.