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You Tube posted wrong join date information

trelle9670 Jun 2, 2012 7:12 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
I uploaded a video to YT for the first time on May 25, 2012. In order to post the video, I first had to create an account. I filled out some basic information and then proceeded to upload the video. However, on my profile it shows that I joined on September 28, 2012. I do not recall ever joining on that date. I have never posted a video before and why would they have me create an account again if I had already done so in September of 2011? It really bothers me that the join date is wrong. Is it possible there is a glitch in the system that can put wrong join dates in the profile? I've noticed others have posted problems with their profiles having inaccurate information such as wrong ages, wrong genders and some have even seen weird join dates going back to 1969. It wasn't even around in 1969. Can this join date information be hacked or manipulated by others?