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Unable to access YouTube account (Suspended).

GiPiMorin Mar 28, 2012 4:49 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
It's been more than two months, so I will put everything as clearly as possible.

Let's first start for the beginning of January. I was doing an English work with schoolmates: an advertising about either an existing or invented product. We choosed to make an advertising about a new, invented DVD set of Man vs. Wild. At the end of the day on which we made the movie recording, we sat at the computer and tried to work on the videos (13 scenes, precisely) with YouTube's TestTube video editor. So, we uploaded the 13 videos simultaneously, but saw my friend's Internet was too slow, so I thought about taking the SD card on which files were on and about working on the video on my computer instead of his. So, we stopped the uploads, got them deleted and did something else.

So to resume this part: *We started the upload of 13 videos on YouTube with DSC_ like titles, started a video project titled "Man vs. Wild", stopped uploading the files and log out.*

Back at home, I wanted to re-start the project and went back on YouTube. Obviously, I found I was automatically logged out (surely because of the connection from another network), so I clicked on the "Sign in" button. To my surprise, I saw exactly the same as on the screenshot I attached. On the page, it says my «access to this Google product has been suspended because of a perceived violation of either the Google Terms of Service or product-specific Terms of Service.» You can guess my reaction, then.

So to resume this part: *Back at home, I saw I had been suspended of YouTube.*

I was shocked. I was (and am still) trying to find reasons for this. Is that of abnormal amount of activity? My Gmail account was suspended not long before that happened. Is that because of the "Man vs. Wild" title? To be honest, my videos, as I said it, had DSC_ like titles. Only the TestTube video editor project had a "Man vs. Wild" title.

So, is there any solution possible? I love YouTube, and being suspended makes me feel like I've been punished for _nothing_.

I also want to tell you I have never made harsh comments, nor hacked anything, nor have been harmful to YouTube or its community.