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ArcaneCricket May 23, 2012 10:28 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
there really needs to be a way to re-claim an old username. I deleted one account with the logic that my username would be freed up for another email address I had already set up, but now I cannot reclaim it. This is a bummer cause I actually have a use for that particular username now. And before someone goes posting those instructions from 2009 on how to re-claim a username, I followed those up until I realized the site didn't looks the same as it did back then. I have had several friends who are tech-saavy look into the instructions to make sure I was actuall reading them right and it is unanimous. They are bogus and there is not a current version that any of us could find. If you have newer info, that would rock. I have tried emailing various email addresses and so far, nothing but bounce backs. my next step is to research the domain ownership or hosting to see if I can get a better lead on contacts.