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Re: Changing the Channels by March 7

ZephyrSonic Feb 7, 2012 9:13 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Another thing I forgot to mention is that the channel info box is limited to 1,000 characters!?!? Really? You honestly believe that we can fit all of our info about ourselves and what we use in 1,000 characters?!?! It seems as if you people at Youtube like everyone says you guys just want more people to be less focused on someone on Youtube channels and more time being spent to watch there videos which is ok to watch there videos but how about getting to know something about the user 1st without having to sign up for stupid things like Google+ that most of us here don't want to use just so we can know info about people and the things they use to make there videos with. There is stupid facebook and twitter for that purpose... we don't need more social networks that are just going to turn on us later because all they care about is money. We don't need Google+ to interact. We need to retain the ability to be able to know alot about the user that they let out through there own personal channels and not through other means. Even this meaningless channel info page... you can't even hardly see anything in the info box at the start and then people have to click "See more" for the rest to drop down but yet you honestly think that 1,000 characters is enough and you have no real way of interaction with the users themselves and getting to know about the person operating the channel??? Shame shame Youtube... shame shame....