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Re: Linked to a Google Account and need help? Support options here!

Schildlaus Apr 30, 2012 5:23 AM
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Categories: Account set-up, sign-in, and configuration :

Better don't try to unsubscribe from Google: I have a sort of similar problem because by mistake i deleted my Google account a short while ago. What i didn't realize is that now also my former YouTube pages with more than 100 video links are not available anymore! What i found then on­swer=55759: "Deleting an account is permanent, and you should not delete your Google account or YouTube account unless you are sure you want to delete the account.". Wondered if this is really true. Why are the both accounts connected with each other? I don't understand that! Someone in this thread answered: "Yes, it is really true" (!category-topic/youtube/accounts-sign-in-and-sign-up/04KuWF7gFtM). What a pity! (Also see:!msg/youtube/A-WzYjnfFE8/GcJRFtEYi6IJ and!msg/youtube/qdEvjlKXYFU/lh99o1V7TdsJ)