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Re: Linked to a Google Account and need help? Support options here!

bugytube Feb 27, 2011 3:50 AM
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@ Stephanie
Thanks for posting the the content of the link, in fact none of the links given by Liz are working for me, it's a blank page !
Yes I lost access to my 3 "old" (not linked to google) accounts on friday, regain access to one of them (LandesdeCojoux) without doing anything (bizarre...) on saturday, that's why I thought it could be a bug and that I could get access to the other two back, and not be a new rule as exposed in this "yellow box" I couldn't read.

So now the situation is : I have 2 youtubes I've lost access to, and they are associated to an email adress (the same for both) that is too important for me to create a compte google with it. Of course google keeps wanting me to create a google account whit this address registered by youtube ! And I can't change it because I have no more access to my 2 youtube's accounts...


I'm well aware I have to create 2 different google accounts (with 2 different mail adresses) for my 2 youtubes, the question is :

Would I succeed in linking my youtbes to a different email (in proceeding to create the google account) than the one that is already registered on the form ?

Or do I have to create at least one google account with my registered precious adress, and then, manage to change the mail adress linked to the google acount (is it possible ? or would it close the google account... and the youtbe associate??! which is NOT an option!!!)


Thanks if you have a procedure I could follow, or any idea about that, because it seems to me that some people got access problems (denied) trying to create a google account with a different email that the one registered for the youtube account...