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Content ID program FAIL

ADVFilmer Apr 10, 2012 5:05 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
So after becoming uber frustrated with the endless removal of my motorcycling videos from revenue sharing I looked for a way to get my Apple Garage Band music pre-approved. As it happens the value of my videos is to those I ride with who want to see them selves riding after the ride. So waiting a week for the video to be approved removes their interest and my profit. Even once I have provided proof re-entry of my video for revenue sharing can take over a week.
I applied to join the content ID program over a month ago. You Tubes only info so far on my application is as follows:
 Content Identification Application
Your information was submitted on Feb 16, 2012.
Thank you for your interest in the Content Identification Program. Please be patient with us as we get to your request. We will contact you with the next steps via email at once we have reviewed your application.
This is a Beta program, and we're in an ongoing process of refining, improving, and scaling the system up to meet everyone's needs.

I fear for the time being I am done producing videos for You Tube Money-twits-ation program as it is totally one sided and unfair to the small time producer of videos. When You tube starts respecting the rights of ALL their users I may return to add content.
I invite any You Tube Official to make an intelligent response, no form letters please, offering relief to the current copyright issues I have shared.