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Re: HTML5 Feedback Thread

spiderliam Mar 18, 2012 11:56 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
It's so annoying!  I'm using Safari and trawled the internet for answers to the following questions;

Why can't i fullscreen the videos i'm watching in HTML5 player?

Why does the video keep looping untill it has fully buffered?

Why can't i skip to a specific point in the video without having to wait for all information before that point to buffer?

Surely these 3 problems can be easily solved by some expert programming?  And if not, this should surely show that the HTML5 product is not ready for distribution among users, therefore should not forced upon people willy nilly UNTIL IT IS COMPLETE.  
my ISP:

I am in Newcastle UK

I am Using safari

These problems are encountered on all videos i try to watch, then just usually leave youtube out of annoyance.

I do not appreciate being forced to partake in a trial which hinders my work and experience.