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CreatingJobs Mar 4, 2012 11:57 PM
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What could create trillions of new jobs along the streams worldwide, and feed trillions of families, and at the same time preventing deaths from rising waters, and creating wildlife habitats for the public welfare and enjoyment?

 If 800 million people on face book would start to have regard for the earth, and start to plant 2000 fruit trees seeds each along the streams, which would be 1.6 trillion fruit trees along the streams, and in four years.  One would see that one pear tree could feed five families, so that would be 1.6 trillion x 5 that would come to feed 8 trillion families.

How many billions of well paying jobs would that come to be then there are people on the earth,  if the 800 million on face book would plant 2000 fruit trees seeds each along the streams .


What more could one quality do to restore the earth, and for all mankind that’s from the most powerful force on earth, God’s Holy Spirit. 1Thess.4:8;

Well you have regard for the earth, to restore the earth?

What quality has more force for good then this one (to have regard) for the earth?  

Will you join us in taking care of needs of each person, and for the earth and for God?

1Thess.5:12-15; 1Thess.4:8;

Only God’s Holy Spirit would move us to have regard for the earth and for all mankind and for God. 1Thess.4:8,5:12-15;