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Re: conte youtube perdu. . . .

The Lady from UNCLE May 5, 2012 5:38 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
While not impossible it is very unlikely that you have closed the YouTube channel's Google account.  Because when you close the Google account a YouTube is a service of then the YouTube channel is closed along with it, as per the tick boxes you have to acknowledge before you are permitted to proceed.

And your YouTube channel kikiboyshuffle86 is still open...

So you need to log out of Google, go to and log in with the YouTube username (kikiboyshuffle86) and the YouTube's password.  And then note what you are told precisely.

If you told that the username and/or password are incorrect- the password is.  Now the issue arises- do you know the email address the YouTube definitely uses as its Google account (I am assuming not as you believe that you have closed the YouTube's Google account, thereby orphaning the YouTube, leaving it without its email/Google) so that you can request a password reset?

Or- what happens?