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Re: What Are Total Upload Views and Channel Views

faberoptime Mar 20, 2010 2:07 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
In this specific instance (just reviewed your channel/vids MR2) the reasons are:
- That two of your vids currently have frozen view counts, the other being quite new.
- The 156 shown on your profile represents the total number of "views" that YT systems believe you had obtained from your three vids (311, 312, 30).
- Looks like you'll have some further weeks/months of frozen counts on your first two vids before they may unfreeze.
At this time, expect your Total Upload Views shown on your channel to be closer aligned to the sum of your vids' view counts.
Though as Ouch referred to, there's always (at best) a few hours latency between the counts shown on your vids (most up to date) and that Total shown on your channel.

By the by, I can offer you 19 recommendations as to how performance of your channel/vids can be improved.

Hope that helps and happy YouTubing!