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Re: Previous Video Uploads

The Lady from UNCLE May 23, 2012 12:51 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Irrespective of your intentions you have two YouTube channels.

They both use a different username.  Logging into the one with the lowercase L will only give you access to the one with the two videos.  Logging into the older, original one, with its own username (ie the one with an i) can only ever give you access to the original 42 videos: with the green background and 42 videos and which has a grey background, only two uploads and which was actually used to SUBSCRIBE to the first channel.  Since you cannot subscribe to yourself it is clear that they are quite, quite separate channels.

To fix this log out of the Google account which has the Caramoor with an L in its name on it and log in at with caramoormusic as the YouTube username and its password.  Note carefully what happens next:

1.  You get logged in.  You now have access to that YouTube channel and can edit its 42 videos.
2.  You are told that the YouTube username and/or its password is wrong.  It is- you have set a different password for it and will need to remember it or reset it at the Google account end, or-
3.  You get logged in but again end up in the Carmoor with an L channel.  THAT happens ONLY where the Google account uses a GMail which is the same as the YouTube channel you are actually trying to access AND they BOTH (the YouTube and the unrelated GMail of the same name) share a password.  This looks something like this:

YouTube username caramoormusic + common-to-both password = GMail username caramoormusic(@gmail .com) + common-to-both password BOTH = GMail Google account log in, even at YouTube.

If this is the case, and you are using a GMail to log in with, one which shares the name of the inaccessible YouTube channel, then you need to change the password for the GMail to something different.  Then log out of that GMail and log in at with the YouTube version of the same username and the YOUTUBE password, avoiding trying to use the GMail's newer password.