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SayianArtist17 Jan 14, 2012 6:17 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
THE WORLD needs a visual arts category on Youtube....this is why...

Art has played a HUGE role throughout the development of mankind. From cave paintings, to the Sistine Chapel, to Toy Story, visual arts has touched both the hearts and minds of 100s of millions of people....the question is why?

The cave paintings that students learn about in their history books tell the tale of the 1st men and women who established and began society as we know it today. It allows us to see through the scope of time and experience some of the heartaches, joys, and trials that people of this time period experienced. 

The dozens of paintings at the Sistine Chapel created by the mastermind, Michelangelo, have evoked emotion and provoked thinking of millions of people. Have you ever visited the Sistine Chapel? One is indeed awestruck by the mere beauty and stories these paintings tell. The story of the Bible is told through 1000s of pages but Michelangelo seemed to wrap its message of divine love, eternal hell, and a divine God through his masterpieces. 

The timeless story of ,Toy Story, created by Pixar animation studios, has made millions of people laugh and cry. This story as well as many others, could ONLY have been made because of the dedicated and hardworking artists working around the clock for years. 

Indeed, art takes us through history, art provokes thought, art evokes emotion, art entertains! With millions of people visiting Youtube each and every day, visual arts can reach more people, more quickly, than ever before if given the chance and attention that other categories receive. 

Youtube administrators...not only do we as artists need this, but SOCIETY as a WHOLE needs visual arts!