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HeatherW290 Mar 4, 2012 8:22 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
A little while ago I started looking up drawing videos on youtube. I usually would just type "Drawing" or "How to draw..." into the search bar. I would usually find a dozen or so pages of videos. But not all of them would be drawing and art. Before I heard about this petition I had NO IDEA there were so many artists and art videos on youtube. I had absolutely no clue. The reason I didnt know this is because WITHOUT A VISUAL ARTS CATEGORY it would take FOREVER to find them. I am amazed at how large the youtube art community is. I beleive it is a community large enough, BY FAR, to have a category...
I know there are sites like DeviantArt and such...But you cant LITERALLY SEE the drawing process on there, and hear in the artists words tips and techniques. So many great artists are taking time to make such helpful videos...but for nothing. BECAUSE NOONE SEES THEM.
I would NOT be the artist I am today without all of the great, inspiring artists out there on youtube...Oh wait. That would only be a few since I didnt even know 90% of them existed.
We seriously need a Visual Arts Category. These AMAZINGLY TALENTED artists deserve the recognition they arent getting.
An artist
(Might want to write down the username since you probably will never see it again without a visual arts category!!!)