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Re: Updates to your Homepage - What's New & What's Next

machine134 Feb 26, 2012 4:03 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum

Please stop making excuses concerning the "X" button to remove videos from our subscription feed.  We have been hearing the same thing from you guys for the last three months and we are so sick of it. 

We don't want the ability to know which of those videos that we have watched.  We don't want to be able to fill that list with other videos instead of our subscriptions.  All we want is to be able to close out the videos that we have already watched, or don't want to watch, and clean that area up.  A multitude of people have said this same thing and you guys keep giving us the runaround.  Why?

You guys really don't care what we have to say or you wouldn't dismiss what we are saying regarding this feature we use to have.  I don't know anything about writing code for a website, but I can't see adding an "X" to this videos would be that difficult.  You already did it to the recommended videos, why not the subscription videos, too?

That is all I have to say right now.  I'm getting tired of this and I just want to be able to customize my homepage like I could in the past.  Please listen to us!  Please!

Dissatisfied YouTube User