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Re: Updates to your Homepage - What's New & What's Next

Rellana1 Mar 1, 2012 8:48 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
In that case,why wasn't the test of the new page more widely known? Also in the thread that you closed down before this one,there were numerous posts from people that had tried it out,and said that you ignored all feedback on what it wouldn't work and pressed ahead with it anyway. Given the current level of discontent over the new pages I'm suprised that more common sense wasn't shown regarding this,like giving us an actual functional page that improved on the old page before the old page was discontinued.

\As to your post  " Don't expect immediate change, because even adding something like an X button requires a lot of careful consideration when it comes to the design and technical implementation, but try to stick around and we hope you'll start to like the page more in the months to come."
Why was this feature removed in the first place as I currently subscribe to about 60+ people and I need a feature like this in order to manage my page,as I do get things that I'm not interested in from time to time.
Not being able remove them clutters up the page like you wouldn't believe.  I'm not happy with the new column layout either,putting everything down the centre on the page is asking for a mess. Tne old layout where it listed everything by the posters,in rows so I could see new posts without having to scroll through columns and columns of videos was much more effective.
You have broken a prime law by trying to fix something that wasn't broken to begin with,and replacing it with something that is broken,in so many ways..