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Re: Updates to your Homepage - What's New & What's Next

Sokrovishje Mar 1, 2012 2:57 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Karl, you said,  
"As general advice based on some of the posts I've seen, I wouldn't recommend you start distributing email addresses for support channels or fax/mailing addresses for Google offices as ways to get your feedback to us. First off, these are often NOT channels for feedback: support aliases are for staff to help people with real technical issues, putting feedback there will make it harder for staff to help others in those queues, as they can be quite busy and time is valuable. 

Seems like this is Google's weak spot... since they have a hard time understanding what the users want, I think we need do more of what they don't recommend. We should pelt them with paper and maybe this giant of a new communist Googlified zombie idea to kill personality, creativity and social networking will get knocked down by a thinking, compassionate, human employee in the higher ups. Or am I hoping for too much? Still worth a try.