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Re: Updates to your Homepage - What's New & What's Next

block_rounder4 Mar 1, 2012 10:35 AM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
The icon in my bookmarks, and the new tab in which I opened this feedback page, both say "Updates to your Homepage."  MY homepage???  Uh, no, thank you.  I consider my channel my "homepage" at Youtube, not the corporate billboard which, we have been informed, is now the only legitimate topic for discussion on this thread.  I avoid the Youtube "Homepage" by going directly to my channel which I have bookmarked.  I have also bookmarked dozens of other channels and videos.  In this way, I am using my bookmarks to "back-up" my playlists and FRIENDS, since I expect Youtube will manage to lose them all when it forces my channel into the new design on March 7.   I will survive, but I promise you I will not be a happy camper.

What I will miss most will be the "Player View" option for viewing videos right on my channel page.  I have notice that some people with the "New Design" still have limited "Player View" for playing ""favorites" only.  Most "new design" channels do not appear to have a "Player View" option at all.

Of course. Google considers this an "improvement."  It is not an improvement.

One more thing -- Youtube stopped adding to the total channel views number on my channel, close to a week ago.  Maybe it is because I posted some nasty comments about certain corporate public-relations types who have been assigned to keep us "informed"?