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Re: Updates to your Homepage - What's New & What's Next

Sasskitten Mar 8, 2012 10:28 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
This week, launched a set of changes that we hope addresses some of the feedback and improves the homepage experience significantly.

Really, is this what you took our feedback as wanting? some knew paipn in the butt board pr forum or whatever you want to name it? Well, first let me give you feedback to this
It is crap!!! C-R-A-P! crap! crap! crap1 CRRRRAAAAPPPPP!!!!!!!!
My browser closed out on me three times just trying to open this part!
I don't know about you but, to me I take my browser closing out of this that many times as something WE DON'T NEED!

As with any other launch, the homepage design is something we’ll continue to work on to refine and improve. Like previous versions of the homepage, this isn’t a final design and we know not all of these changes are huge - our approach is to continually change and tweak the homepage as we get feedback and see how the page is used.

You don't listen to us at all!!!
We don't want an improved homepage we want our old one back!
Since you have messed with the way it was and screwed it up my browser can't handle it! I lost count of how many times it lost the page and needed a recovery! Also! I don't know how many times I had to click refrsh just to get one damn! video to work!!!! Not to mention the countless times it caused the video or my browser to freeze because of your stupidness!!!!

Your feedback is valuable in informing our decisions, so please let us know your thoughts in these changes in this thread

I don't see how you value our feedback!
You don't listen to what anyof us want!
We don't need some glitchy need forums!
We don't need a tweaked /new/upgraded homepage!
Why do you feel the need to think that things need to be changed!!!!
Also return the friend request button. asking us to subscribe just to get a friend is wrong! immoral!, and downright DUMB!!!!
So I have questions for you
Why are you bothering to tweak something we don't like?
Why not just go back to the old homepage that we want?
Why did you make some kind of new and let me add GLITCHY messageboard when we don't want that?
Why is it that thanks to your tweaking my browser either loses the page connection, freezes, or just closes out on me only when I go to youtube?
Why have you taken the friend request button away and replaced it with subscribing or whatever the hell you want to put it as?
Did you ever once think about how much a person's computer or browser can take when it comes to stuff that we don't need or want?
Now, I had gotten over the fact that you have to merg your e-mail account with google to be able to sign in to youtube. It's dumb but I got past it. You said you seen an increase in usage of the new (and by new I mean stupid, pain in the butt, something we don't want) homepage. First I don't use it I don't click on anything except the search button or my name to get to videos that I want.
Oh and if your answer to my question number four is going to be something like try another browser or computer you can save your breath because why should any of us have to do that when it is your people's doing.