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That One Skater Dude Jun 9, 2012 10:05 PM
Posted in group: YouTube Help Forum
Google itself is ok, but what they have done to YouTube is inexcusable.  I hate how they're trying to cram this google+ thing down our throats, and this whole "Internet TV is the future" so we're screwing up your shit to accommodate the only few networks that are TRYING this out is retarded.  At least give us the option to use the old channel design.  Small channels greatly benefited from it.  I mean, i see how the new layout can really help out if your RWJ or SMOSH but ITS KILLING US SMALL YOUTUBERS!!!  man i wish i got my channel started a long time ago, and got partnered before this whole mess.  I am having soo much dificulty struggling to gain views and subscribers.  I may have to return to messaging everyone on earth about my videos.  But then im not actually becoming friends with them,  I'm more of just a spammer thats desperate for views....By the way, im not a full partner yet.  

Darn i loved ZippCast, although i havent checked out my account on it for a while.  I've been too busy with trying to gain subs.  That site is offly slow though... but totally worth it.  Anyone know any other good video sharing sites that may take off?